I worked with a foolish, petty man.
We did not like each other.
He tried to get me fired multiple times.
His goal, exaggerate my fallibilities and minimize my capabilities — for sport.
A precious jewel of a company man.

I’d just sit there coding. Sometimes I’d raise up to…

I fight a lifelong battle with obesity. With a lifelong battle, you learn the enemy well. My personal opinion from this fight is that there is not nearly enough medical research done on the subject. Others find my opinion a total farce and that simple calorie control and exercise plans…

13 lights in the shot of a person walking at night.

Have you noticed that crazy comes out at night? As an Uber driver and a person who genuinely enjoys experiencing the world in as many angles as possible, I’ve noticed. “Nothing good happens after midnight”, is only true depending on how “good” is defined. …

Creating time for yourself is a difficult proposition for busy people. We grow our schedules to create a constant cycle of work and chores. How do we break that constant cycle? How do we just drop everything to relax, explore, and enjoy life? I started by buying soap.

I suppose…

Just before the big lockdown, my old husky/German shepherd mix died at 13 years old. I let him out to go and he fell over dead. It is heartbreaking when this happens. He’s missed, but getting another dog always helps the grieving for me. This sounds bad, but they’re not…

I bought a brand new hybrid car from a company known for producing reliable vehicles. This car needs to get many more miles on it that one should expect from a car. I planned on doing that with careful driving and good maintenance. The cost of the maintenance wasn’t an…

The train is 7 hours late in Sandusky.
The Capitol Limited from Chicago is late.
19°. I’ll wait until the morning sun rises.

Freight trains zoom by the old station.
They rumble squeal, screech, thump, and thunder. Time machines.
I’m alone in this old depot.

I yell loud and it’s…

Mark Spearman

Old guy that writes, rides motorcycles, and takes photos of anything he finds interesting.

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