A Lincoln In The Tall Weeds

Mark Spearman
3 min readNov 9, 2022
An Antique Lincoln Continental. Photo by Mark Spearman

Uber riders are much easier to get stories from than department store delivery customers. It’s not uncommon for Uber riders to look forward to the interactive nature of the ride. They often want to talk. One Uber rider I’ve taken a few times goes for a ride to Crimson Cup coffee and orders a coffee for her and the driver. She tells me to just drive wherever I’d like as she just wants to ride, talk and drink coffee.

This department store delivery today turned out to be different. It was a small order out to the country. This area is a mix of wealthy and others trying to hang on to inherited farm land. Many of those hanging on have drug addiction and other issues. The stress to hang on to that land is killing them, literally. I’m passed in a no-passing zone on a blind hill by an old Ford Pickup with every body panel dented and a different color. The bed is full of trash and construction material. Any part of the load could easily fall out.

I find an address that is very close to what I’m looking for, but I can’t find the house. The correct house looks abandoned. Out here, if it’s not a nice looking place, it’s best not to approach it. I decide to turn around and slowly check it out. I can make out the address from the faded paint where numbers have fallen off the garage and left a ghost imprint. An older lady comes out to the porch.

The place is so unkempt wading through the weeds is the only way to deliver to the porch. The lady is apologizing for the mess as I walk up. As I hand her the turkey, I tell her to be happy she got one before they run out. “Yes, I know. Maybe this election will turn the tide and there will be enough for everybody next year.”, she says. “We can hope!”, I reply.

I notice a beautiful Lincoln Continental setting in tall weeds. The car still has a shine, but the tires were flat. I tell her, “That was some car in it’s day I bet!”. I can see some sadness as she tells me that they had such a great time in the car that they can’t let it go due to the memories. Trips to Florida and out West, trips to see “the kids”, and every Saturday night, out dancing. “They were the best times in that Lincoln.”, she says.

We will all have our own “Lincoln in the weeds” I suppose. There are bits of memoribilia that if we’re lucky, we get to hang onto for a while. In the end though, it’s the memories that mean the most. The material objects just make them a little more vivid. The old Lincoln wasnt hurting anything out in the field. Why not let the memories stay out there for a while longer?

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