Actually, You Don’t Have To Ride A Motorcycle To Understand

Mark Spearman
10 min readNov 16, 2021

The idea that you must be doing something to understand it is a ridiculous notion. Words that can describe the reasons that we ride. Most are capable of comprehending. For example, I completely understand the “Jeep thing” and I don’t own one. Owners are willing to sacrifice many comforts for the exhilaration of driving off-road. Easy. So let’s explore riding motorcycles because you will understand.

The Appeal Of A Motorcycle

Riders are first drawn into motorcycling with the appeal of seeing riders on their machines. I suspect it goes back to our equestrian days. Imagine one man gaining control of a steed and seeing him ride at mind-boggling speeds never thought attainable. I’m sure the clan worried for his safety, but dreamed of soon obtaining their own horse. That rider came back from his rides with stories of places the others had never been, women from tribes they never met, and trinkets made from items the tribe never seen before.

If you look at a group of motorcycles leaving a parking lot, they resemble a group of horseman leaving a ranch. They gather into formation without speaking to each other. There is skill required to maneuver the machines. There is a general set of attire worn. Loud noise fills the air. A very similar sight to a group of cowboys.

Seeing this arouses the senses in some. Those seeking escape or adventure want to join the scene. Many will find the seen frightening or might even disgust them to think that a group would take on such risks. There isn’t much to say that would sway a person one way or the other. Both sides are understandable.

If the urge to ride is there, these deep emotions will not go away until they ride. That’s not to say the void can be something else. Boats, planes, or other vehicles of adventure can fill that void. Drug use, psychological problems, alcoholism, keeping treacherous women with foul dispositions, and other ills may also fill the void. There are things more dangerous than motorcycling. The need to live with vigor is part of being human is basic with many. The need for others to remain safe cannot override it.

Tribal and Social Well-Being

For many, they’re seeking a tribe. This isn’t an issue for myself, but I understand those that seek to fill this need. Motorcycling can be a social activity. Observation of a motorcycle group will show the tribal…



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