An Uber Driver’s Thoughts On Gambling You May Need To Hear.

Mark Spearman
4 min readJan 4, 2023

I’ve personally viewed gambling ok if you use it as entertainment. I never found it entertaining, but you may. I find Blackjack about as exciting as Go Fish. I’ve tried to get into Poker and there is some hidden rule to one of the thousands of variations that foils my plan. Just about every form of gambling is frustrating to me. Even the thrill of possible winning cannot overcome my frustrations.

I do have sympathy for those finding the lure of Casinos irresistible. I’ve given many losers rides, never winners. Winners probably don’t use Uber. On a losing night, they always realize the hard truth about the house’s odds. They knew it going in, but they let hopes and dreams of winning overrule their good sense.

This power of the casino to coax money out of hard-working people does infuriate me. They have a license to practically steal, endorsed by the state. How can this work in a world of educated people?

State Sanctioned Theft

It angers me that the state sanctions it. That’s a stamp of approval which sits in the subconscious. “If it’s legal, it can’t be that bad.”, is the line of thought. Many things are legal and kill us. I find an notable exception with gambling over other state sanctioned vices because of the nature of the state’s involvement.

The state goes further and always claims gambling proceeds are being used for good. If this were true, why are there potholes everywhere on the road to casinos? Why don’t the rich want them in their neighborhoods?

The net gain or the state from gambling is always questionable.

Shouldn’t Casinos Be A Mecca For Psychics And Mathematicians?

Psychics understand a scam better than anyone. Were their powers true, casinos would bar them from entry.

Mathematicians actually are a popular place for mathematicians. You never see them because they’re not playing the games. Mathematicians are working for the casinos. As an Uber driver, the riders explain their systems. They’ll run them by me, but not a mathematician. The smartest people on the matter would ruin their hopes and dreams by pointing out the system’s flaws. Mathematicians are the most important casino employees as they safeguard the rule that the house always wins.



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