Censorship As A Creative Restraint

Mark Spearman
3 min readSep 12, 2022
Censorship probably predates the written word. Photo by Mark Spearman

Talk about how censorship is everywhere in many different forms. Writing for a paid platform is going to create censorship by default. They’re trying to cultivate a following and unpopular opinions and topics can repel followers. Subscribers view the platform as the gatekeeper. If they’re gatekeeper fails them, they’ll leave the platform. I didn’t consider as I started my path to being a paid writer.

I was shocked to see that I could write and be paid for it without the hassles of maintaining a blog. Instead of risking the costs and time associated with maintaining my own blog, others were willing to do it. I didn’t stop to think about the restrictions placed on paid writing.

The Goal

Goals are difficult. If goals are discussed, they often fail. Studies show that talking about the goal produces a feeling that goals are being met. This feeling of progress and completion has a negative effect on actually completing that goal. With that in mind, I’m not going to discuss my actual goal. I am so close to completing it, I fear of hamstringing my progress in that way.

In the journey to complete this goal, a severe roadblock was put in my path. Part of the goal is writing about anything I want. I didn’t have personal restrictions, but the paid platform did. I wrote about overcoming an illness. The method was highly controversial.

I got the rejection notice. Offense was taken. There was so much allowed on this platform. I’d read about ever sort of vice imaginable. Numerous false narratives went unchecked. Health information of incredible inaccuracy. How could my story be rejected? I took it personal. I stopped my goal.

The Pain Of Failure

Was there any platform similar that would allow any content I wanted to produce? If so, it wasn’t found. I stewed about the rejection. I was stuck on a point that I may have been correct about. As I reasoned through, the fact that I didn’t have ownership in the platform, therefore I didn’t have a right to question their censorship. If I wanted to participate I would have to concede all that I believed to be right and true.

How could I manage the reality of participating in a platform censored me, but let crazy immoral ideas fly? Why were those…



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