Truck Driver Wrecks And Needs A Ride To Philadelphia

Mark Spearman
11 min readJul 20, 2022

I’m a rideshare driver with over 10,000 rides. Some may find that number incredible, other’s who drive rideshare may wonder how I’m not broke yet. Today, I’m just waking up after a highly unusual 1,000+ day. I’m drinking coffee and thinking about how crazy yesterday was. People say the like to read these rideshare stories, so I’ll scribe yesterday’s events out in to the vast void of the Internet.

Some may have questions about long rides. Rideshare drivers don’t have to take them, or any ride. To many refusals and they may do something, but other than that, you’ll just use whatever precious metal they’ve put to name your status. The chances of getting a ride going back home are next to 0. Even if you did, you wouldn’t have the hours available because they kick you off the app after 12 hours of driving. I don’t know what you’d do if you had a rider in the car at the end of 12 hours. I don’t suggest doing long rides on rideshare, but then again, I don’t suggest doing many things that I do.

3:00 AM

I am just waking up. I have a reserved ride where I need to go out to the boonies near Gambier, Ohio and take a rider to the bus station in Columbus, Ohio. Shower, get a travel mug full of coffee, and I’m off to the races. I step out into the thick fog and wonder where the skunk is that got my dog a few days ago. I gingerly get into the Prius so I don’t startle it. Can’t be to careful.

At the same time, a truck driver we’ll get to later is falling asleep and his tractor-trailer careens off of Interstate 70. The truck takes out over 100 feet of guard rail, sheering off the rail off it’s posts. The driver awakens to find that he has missed the concrete pillar by about a foot. He’s confused as he talks to other truckers who stop to help. Cars are passing by, none stopping to help. The highway patrol is on the way. An ambulance is not needed for the scratch on his elbow. He is in shock and cannot quit shaking.

My passengers are not speaking a word. They sleep as I feel my way through this pea soup style fog. Fog has a way of making you think you’re driving slower than you are. I keep an eye on the speedometer to keep myself awake and reality in check. There should be an instrumentation certification for cars like pilots get.

Just When You Think Things Will Be Normal



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