I’ve Stopped Driving Rideshare For Now. Society Is Too Broke For It.

Mark Spearman
3 min readMar 14, 2023

I’ve had to stop driving rideshare before for different reasons. If the pay drops to far, I don’t complain, I stop driving. It’s a business that’s very simple to calculate the profit and loss. I’ve quit because of the season. If it’s just to slow, why bother? Now, I’m quitting because society is coming unhinged.

Most probably don’t see it everyday in so many ways. Rideshare drivers are in the thick of it. When transportation is lost due to repossession or inability to get a loan, they call us. When they have to go to work, but don’t have the money to repair and maintain their car, they use rideshare services. Everything from a divorce to a sick child can create the need for rideshare services. Lately, most of the reasons are negative.

First, the economy is bad and getting much worse. Some pretend not to see it and some really don’t. If you’re working away from the public, you’re probably just seeing some people acting up at the grocery store or maybe you’ve seen a fight at McDonald’s? It’s still early enough in the crash to brush it off as just unusual. Maybe you didn’t catch that the fight was about resources. You didn’t see that the argument in the grocery store was also about resources.

The majority of people haven’t experienced a true hunger pain. Many don’t have the instincts to know that danger is coming as they’ve never really been in danger. When the hunger pains start coming and the resources get scarce, their fear is going to overrule the good sense to remain calm and keep trying to do the right thing.

Rideshare drivers are on the leading edge of this breakdown. We are vulnerable. They sit behind us and can strike at any time. Many assume we have cash or valuables. There are many ways to hurt us. The easiest way though is false reporting.

False reports for things like traffic violations, racism, sexual harassment, or anything else will prompt a free ride from the rideshare company. Sure, you can send your dashcam footage proving innocence, but it won’t be considered. A driver can take the company to court, but it won’t be worth the effort.

My last ride before this recent hiatus was a young man who claimed he’d spent over $200 on Uber rides going to all the car rental companies trying to rent with a debit card. They won’t do it. He explained that he had a business selling false eye lashes and that he needed the car to pick up his models and…



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