Photography Mistakes You Should Be Making

Mark Spearman
5 min readJan 22, 2024
Stop sign head.
The old stop sign head mistake. Sometimes mistakes work.

Before digital, it was agonizing to see mistakes. Film lacks the ability to see your mistakes before the roll is filled and developed. By that time, the only way to know what caused the mistakes was to take a class or read about the problems on the image. This made my interest lacking. I didn’t have time or money for classes and books, so there were always mistakes in every roll. The good shots kept me going, but I didn’t take near the number of photos as we do with digital.

With digital photography, mistakes are easy to find before vacating the scene. The most serious mistake is forgetting the batteries or memory card. This is easily solved by taking a shot before you leave the house.

The Big Mistakes Photographers Make

There are mistakes that photographers, experienced or not, make frequently.

Trying To Be A Professional Photographer

I’ve fallen for the allure of wanting to be a professional photographer. It seems it would be a good life, but look at some of the facts.

  • Highly competitive.
  • Low wages for most.
  • Requires very good business skills.
  • Takes time away from personal projects.



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