Political Parrots Bore Me

Mark Spearman
2 min readMar 23

I can appreciate political opinions to a point, but I find it a total bore when an author consumes the same news that everyone else does, parrots that news, and expresses his opinion. Not surprisingly, about half of the country will share that same opinion formed from the same media we all watch.

Why do I read them? It happens when they craft a decent headline. Then, you get a few paragraphs deep and realize that it’s just parroting some political opinions they were assigned by the favorite commentators. They may have adjusted their rage slight up or down, but the opinions are generic.

What are people thinking when they do this? Is there some psychological trick making them believe that their opinion will somehow enlighten the unwashed masses that do not have the same degree of understanding? The last article I read, the poor author was worrying that a supporter of the other party may be driving a tank for the military? What happens if that tank is brought to quell an uprising?

I’d like to quench his fears by telling him that when I was in the Army, my youth hadn’t bothered to form a political opinion yet. My politics were to stay out of my way, when can I ride my motorcycle, and what’s the pretty lady’s name. I would have serious problems with a politician fondling and sniffing children, but there wouldn’t be much I could do about it.

Maybe they’re just putting feelers out to see how many believe the same way? How many will comment for or against? Maybe they’re just capitlizing on the emotions created by other media outlets to get some eyes on their writing? They certainly can’t hope to educate someone who’s already heard their opinion. Amateur writing style with no citations of reference for any factual information generally doesn’t sway a thinking person.

Mark Spearman

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