Praise For Crappy Photography Equipment.

Mark Spearman
4 min readDec 5, 2021

My first and only DSLR is a Canon Rebel T5i. I normally don’t talk about equipment much. I don’t like to entice others into gear that may not be the best for them. I feel comfortable mentioning the Canon Rebel. It’s not likely someone will run out and spend to much on this camera. It’s as plain jane as it gets and I like plain Jane equipment. My personal preferences drift towards gear that others don’t like or want. This article discusses a toy plastic lens that mounts on the Canon Rebel T5i and with much work an effort will create fabulously crappy images.

Canon Rebel with a Holga plastic lens.
Old Canon Rebel With a Holga Plastic Lens

Maybe you can’t afford to impress anyone with your camera, but have a look at this beauty. I don’t like running out of battery, so I bought a battery grip. That alone keeps them guessing as it looks like a top of the line camera with just that attachment. Then, I’ve covered the Canon logos. I read that’s something photographers should do on the street to camouflage high end end equipment. I’ve got an odd sense of humor and no sense of style. Combined with limited funds, life is interesting.

Barbed wire fence line.
Barbed Wire

Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes, but the photo of the barbed wire fence shows the mood of the cloudy winter day as no other lens could. A Leica may have shown some interesting details, but the toy plastic lens gives the low light, low energy, and lackluster emotions that such a day can provide.

Barbershop sign.
Barber Shop

This barbershop sign on an old brick wall took the soft light from a cloudy day and used the horrible lens vignette to create a look that would be tough to recreate with Photoshop.

Bar entrance in Downtown Newark, Ohio.
The Draft House

The Draft House had to use it’s rear entrance due to downtown Newark, Ohio construction. The bar is a fixture in the town and well known for it’s lunchtime meals. It doesn’t look like much, but it was in the movie, “A Better Way To Die”. If you never heard of…



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