Take On Any Road With The Affordable Honda NC700X

Mark Spearman
4 min readJan 7, 2023

Times Are Hard, But You Just Have To Ride? Try An NC700X.

Many people are facing hard times in the face of increasing inflation and a tough job market. Costs need to be brought down, but you still want a motorcycle. Why not consider and affordable option like a used Honda NC700X? The bike can do anything except impress people that don’t ride much. It’s a strange bird, but the times are calling for something different.

In full disclosure, I’m partial to the Honda NC700X because I own one. I’ve owned many motorcycles. My 2012 Honda NC700X rivals the 1982 Honda Silverwing when it comes to reliability and utility. It’s not the motorcycle for everybody, body. It’s for riders who price affordability, unique performance aspects, reliability, and comfort(with some modifications).


The Honda NC700X is most at home as a commuter.

  • 60–70 mpg with 3.7 gallon capacity
  • “Frunk” storage where the fuel tank is expected to be.
  • Great power in the 0–80mph range where you need it.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.

With those specs, the bike pulls it’s weight for commuting, but it goes beyond that duty by being a full motorcycle rather than a scooter. I’ve taken the motorcycle on week-long trips to The Smoky Mountains. It did fine on The Tail Of The Dragon and The Blue Ridge Parkway. There is good power for the interstate. Gravel roads are easy for the bike, even with 100% road tires.

Honda NC700X Performance

It’s hard to describe the performance of the Honda NC700X. It’s a first of it’s kind. Some say that the engine is Honda Fit engine cut in half. That’s not true, but there are many similarities in how Honda gets the efficiency out of this engine.

The engine is a parallel-twin cylinder. There is a tractor like feel to it and that odd, smooth feel gives it the feeling that it will last a very long time. It’s an odd feeling a rider has to experience for themself. It’s made to put the power where you need it. They’re not selling you top end speed that mature, safe riders never need or rarely use.

The power curve is extremely flat. This means that there is an even and constant pull through the RPM range of the motor. I have the manual version. This type of…



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