The 2023 Prius Looks Great And That Worries Me.

Mark Spearman
3 min readNov 24, 2022
Not the 2023 Prius.
This Is Not The New Prius. It’s an antique car with 2 front ends.

My 2018 Prius was purchased for the purposes of reliablity and high fuel mileage. It exceeded my expectations. It’s at 185,000 miles with no breakdowns and only maintenance costs. This is by far the most impressive car I’ve ever owned, but wait, there’s more.

I didn’t know how hated the Prius is. I didn’t realize how fragile the average driver’s ego is. It’s shocking when the Prius realizes that their car’s existence is causing automatic road rage.

I drive the same way whether I’m in my F-150 or Nissan Versa. I ride the Harley Ultra, Honda Goldwing, and NC-700 differently, but motorcycles require a different strategy, but it’s not that much different. I follow The Smith System I learned when driving semis. Generally, it doesn’t upset people.

I’ve learned that a person really only needs 2 things to survive in this modern world: a driver’s license and a clean drug test. With that, you can make money no matter what economic situations the world is in. I’m not going to lose a driver’s license because Chad wants me to step it up a little so he can get to happy hour at BW3. My Prius is his reminder of what “to slow” is. If my Prius is doing 100(and it can do that), that is Chad’s number for “to slow”. If that causes him to road rage, fine. The extreme mudder play set that he’ll never take off road doesn’t scare me.

In any other vehicle, you may encounter Chad with the muddy-time play set accessory package on occasion. In a Prius he seeks you out. You have to be ready for him. The Prius is faster and handles better, so it can be fun, but to remain safe, you must be looking out for him. Sometimes, Chad’s in his mother’s BMW, so he’s not always so obvious. Other times, it’s Biff, Chad’s Dad and he’s in a Challenger doing the same things.

The reason the new Prius worries me is that it doesn’t look like a Prius. At a quick glance, it’s reminiscent of a 90’s Nissan Z300ZX. This is going to throw them off their game. I don’t know how to anticipate the enemy’s move when these hit the roads. Will their rage lose focus and turn to everyone in an efficient car? Will it turn to Tesla as that brand is easy to spot? Who will take the brunt of Chad’s angst now that he can’t find a Prius?

Chad’s just the most prominent player. Prius hate can extend to all who fancy themselves as high-speed, low-drag drivers who’s travels should be given the same attention as JFK’s limo driver as it sped to the hospital. The Prius was the most prominent fixture in their mind of vehicles that must be removed from their path. Overtaking a Prius is even more important than overtaking semi-trucks. How will these drivers know what cars need to be the target of their rage if the Prius fits in with the style of other cars?



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