Will AI Make Terminator Become A Documentary?

Mark Spearman
5 min readJan 20

I don’t want to rehash the fears that AI will change the landscape of the way we do everything. Just a short time into the use of ChatGPT, we’re already concerned about intellectual property theft and cheating in the education system. As I read all of the articles about the first obvious concerns, I fear the future of AI in regards to exploitation?

Has AI Already Exploited Us?

My intuition tells me that many things that have happened already allude to the use of AI to exploit people. In the political world, I sat in shock as the populace complied with what would have been considered impossible. I cannot even reference many of these things because most popular outlets censor the mention of them. How did they manipulate so many? Could AI assist in media manipulation?

Political campaigns have no bearing on truth. Candidates are fabricating their qualifications to get the maximum number of votes. Truth plays no role. There is no shame when they are caught. My suspicion is that AI is used to analyze what their lies should be. Candidates view conforming to the analysis as just part of the election process.

Industries are dropping what appears to be popular products with the common excuse of supply chain disruptions. Suspicion arises when claimed shortages are found to be inaccurate. I can apply this suspicion to many goods and services. Could AI be picking and choosing what business offer soley to maximize profits?

Am I just paranoid? Maybe, but the power of AI to easily orchestrate unprecedented exploitation is available. The free and affordable AI the masses use dwarfs the powerful systems of the wealthy.

I Asked AI What It Thought About Equitable Access To AI.

It is logical to ask ChatGPT about the issues. Even though the company warns us that this free version is wanting for accuracy and truth, the responses are extremely useful. Due to the fact that you, the reader, has free access to ChatGPT, I’ll give you the prompt questions I asked and just summarize the answers. You can ask it the same questions if you want more detail.

“What methods are used to regulate and oversee AI to ensure it’s used ethically and responsibly?”, I asked. The reply was that industry and government groups would regulate AI.

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